Atlanta Independent Film Festival

April 12-21, 2018 / TBA

The Atlanta Independent Film Festival is a showcase for raw and innovative filmmaking self governed - by Filmmakers, for Filmmakers. This festival serves new and emerging artists, filmmakers, and storytellers.


4/12/18 @8:00pm


AIFF Judges choice for "Best Acting Ensemble." After getting into trouble with the law, Darby is sentenced to 30 days of house arrest, and is now confined to the same house she once shared with her ex-boyfriend, who now shares it with his beautiful new fiancee.


4/13/18 @8:00pm

Hey Bud!

Barry the stoner just wants to chill... 

Man With Beard

He is a man. And he does have a beard.

Doughnut Run

Two friends meet at a doughnut shop to plan out their immediate futures.

High Fructose Suicide Booth

In a world where suicide is a consumable good, Early is having a bad day.

Lost and Found

As the patriarch slips further into dementia and the prodigal daughter is forced to come home after her own domestic crisis, a family fights to rekindle the unbreakable bonds that hold them together.


4/14/18 @8:00pm


A futuristic documentary, set in 2058, following the life of the great-great-grandson of Neil Armstrong.


AIFF Judges choice for "Best Short Film & Best Editing." A Syrian refugee girl trying to stay alive and make her way out finding a new home in a massive exodus under the Syrian civil war.

The Wish & The Wisp

AIFF Judges choice for "Best Direction: Vashmere Valentine." Two bickering siblings learn the true magic of believing, when they find a real wish and encounter the menacing creature who wants it back!

You Racist, Sexist, Bigot

AIFF Judges choice for "Best Documentary Film & Original Music." Featuring first-voice stories of discrimination and hope, 'You Racist, Sexist, Bigot' was conceived and filmed in Arizona but tells truly - and sadly - American stories. From the story of a young black male raised in Ferguson, MO, to the account of an undocumented transgender woman living and working in a state where immigrant rights is more than just a headline, each writer shares an intimate, powerful message of their understanding of the bigotry they face daily.


4/15/18 @8:00pm


An emotionally hardened young woman wrestles with difficult memories when her estranged father returns from time in prison. As he teaches her how to box, reconciliation seems possible, but their traumatic past will not be easily washed away.


After their father_Ñés death, a brother and sister prepare to sell the family farm, but a mysterious force beneath the ground attracts unwelcome visitors.

Things With Feathers

Things With Feathers is a short narrative that illustrates the issue of sexual assault through the eyes of 10 year-old Aaliyah.

The Line 

AIFF Judges choice for "Best Cinematography." If there's no straight path between right and wrong, where do you draw the line? And when do you cross it?

Find Me

AIFF Judges choice for "Best Feature Film." An accountant who's dealing with a recent painful divorce decides to get out into the world again to try find a co-worker friend who has mysteriously disappeared and has left clues for him in National Parks across the West.


4/20/18 @8:00pm


A young girl feels self-conscious about wearing a hijab at her new school


In the moments before making immense life decisions, your intuition speaks. Do you listen?


'I'm 15 and still waiting for my mother's caress.'


AIFF Judges choice for "Best Male Actor: David Ajala." A drama set in the world of London's undocumented migrants.

From Eliza to Paul & Sandra

An animated 2D documentary tells the story of the animator_Ñés friend, Eliza, an African-American woman who is confronted with terminal cancer and how she overcame her consequential fear of dying through non-religious spirituality. The story, based on the filmmakers_Ñé email exchanges is told with imagery and music without spoken words.


4/21/18 @8:00pm


The struggle between two people and them dealing with a new world and its isolation.

Shadow Work

AIFF Judges choice for "Best Female Actor: Kelly Scheinberg."

Let's Make It

A struggling filmmaker and an emerging starlet make a fleeting attempt to find success while rekindling their broken marriage.



The Atlanta Independent Film Festival began when filmmakers saw a niche of independent films that were overlooked by larger festivals in the region. Realizing the potential and importance that these films had, a unique festival experience was created to exemplify the works of these creatives. For the past 3 years, AIFF has played a vital role in showcasing emerging artists and filmmakers, giving a voice to the up-and-coming film makers that wouldn't have been heard otherwise. This week-long celebration of writers, directors, producers, and artists culminates as an incredible time for creatives and film lovers alike to celebrate the art of visual storytelling and to discover the best new independent films.