Atlanta Independent Film Festival

1/26/17 - 2/25/17 / All screenings at 8:00pm, except 2/25/17 at 2:30pm


Film Schedule

Thursday, 1/26/17 @8:00pm

The Grey Matter

Comedy, 8:56

A black suburbanite is confronted by his urban alter ego.

The Fall Dude

Comedy, 14:52

An inexperienced actor gets mistaken for a stunt man.

Extra School

Comedy, 15:00

A film extra teaches students the secrets to being 'background artistes' and faces his arch acting rival.

Extra Cheese Please

Comedy, 15:16

Control freak Annie throws her sassy foreign exchange student a surprise birthday party, but when barely anyone shows up or wants to partake in her 'fun activities' an unexpected pizza delivery guy enters and tosses things up!

Thursday Night Downtown

Comedy, 16:44

One night can change everything. An overachiever who thinks she is in control of everything in her life discovers that she is not even close.

Now Casting

Comedy, 20:46

A day in the life of two Casting Directors as they navigate the challenges of an open casting call.


Friday, 1/27/17 @8:00pm

El Chevere

Comedy, Western, 3:00

A stranger comes to stop a mythical creature known only as "El Chevere". 

Before You Know It

Comedy, Drama, 7:09

A reclusive nurse finds that there's more to life than work when she goes on an unexpected journey with a dying patient.


Comedy, Drama, 16:38 

Upon being abandoned by her boyfriend in New York, a broke college student, desperate to procure tuition money, assumes an alias and delves into a transactional relationship with a suburban family man.

Noah and the Band

Comedy, Drama, Music, 17:33

The life of a budding folk singer is turned upside down when she gains custody of her 6-year-old nephew as she's about to embark on tour.

Jackie Boy

Comedy, 21:20

In a world morally bankrupt by social media, Jackie Boy doesn't belong. He lurks in the shadows seeking vengeance on the selfie generation. 

The Ruxpins

Comedy, Drama, 22:00

Thoughts about relationships, maturity, and what it means to become a better person.

Saturday, 1/28/17 @8:00pm


Comedy, Documentary, 1:32:00

Six comics compete in the 30th Annual Funniest Person In Austin contest.


Thursday, 2/2/17 @8:00pm

She's Out of His Mind

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, 1:20:00

Roland's girl problems are all in his head. While in Las Vegas attending the wedding, a young man magically comes face to face with every woman he has ever loved and lost.


Friday, 2/3/17 @8:00pm

Piano Lessons

Comedy, Horror, Thriller, 8:26 

A young man signs up for a free piano lesson, but what he gets may cost him his soul.


Comedy, Horror, 13:07

After accepting an invitation to an exclusive party from the girl next door, a nerdy college kid goes through hell to arrive just to discover, he's the main event.

The Backpage

Comedy, Horror, 29:45

After a lovable loser is convinced to buy a 'sensual massage' from an ad in the back of a newspaper, he quickly learns the true cost of relaxation.


Saturday, 2/4/17 @8:00pm

Uncommon Law

Comedy, Romance, 1:27:54

After years of bailing each other out of bad dates by pretending to be married, best friends and longtime roommates Brendan & Melissa receive a court notice that they are now common law married.


Thursday, 2/9/17 @8:00pm

Coming and Going

Documentary, 32:00

A young man in Haiti considers his options for the future: should he stay in the community where he grew up, a place he deeply loves, or should he join the exodus abroad in search of better opportunities?

Thunderdome Documentary 

Documentary, 1:10:48

Thunderdome is a feature length documentary that follows the true story of Rob Lehr, a man haunted by the ever quickening pursuit of his mortality. It is a film about sprinting into the storm of our fears and finding a way to paint the rain.


Friday, 2/10/17 @8:00pm

Behind The Lens: A PC&E Story

Documentary, 50:00

This documentary takes a look at an Atlanta filmmaking icon, PC&E. Whether it is commercial or feature films, PC&E has provided the best lighting, camera, grip and sound stage services to Atlanta for over 30 years.

Play War: Respawn

Documentary, Fantasy, War, 55:24 

Aspiring young soldiers and returning veterans mix it up in scenario paintball. Young players have 'levelled-up' from video games, while war weary vets use the games to therapeutically level-down. The virtual and real are intertwined at these spontaneous theatrical events.


Saturday, 2/11/17 @8:00pm


Drama, 11:45

Ricky's late arrival to an important event for his girlfriend, Sara, creates tension between them. Unable to resolve their issue, Ricky and Sara go separate ways to contemplate the future of their relationship.


Drama, 11:57

A rape victim must come to terms with her assault to gain control over the life that she lost.

Bullets at the Ballet

Drama, 14:45

An aging ballerina who moonlights as an assassin must fight her way back to the theater to perform after a hit goes wrong.


Drama, 15:11

A surreal film about a young man named Steven who has a nice quiet dinner with his beautiful wife Ariel. As he fantasizes about the good times he's had with Ariel, he begins to suspect that his wife isn't what she seems to be.

Never Forget

Drama, 18:38

A prudent janitor intervenes on a troubled teens life to prevent him from going down on a road to destruction.


Thursday, 2/16/17 @8:00pm


Drama, Romance, 8:00

On an anniversary, childhood friends Avery and Chip look back on their relationship through a series of memories.


Drama, Romance, 16:20

Brielle is transitioning from home and embarking on something new. She has a chance to meet up with her childhood crush, Tyler conveniently in town.

Last Train to Babylon 

Romance, 19:37

After missing the last train home out of New York City, Sam and Susie, two strangers find themselves stuck in Pennsylvania Station until sunrise. With lots of time to kill and absolutely nothing to do, they decide to go back out into the night and explore the city.

Yours Accidentally

Drama, Romance, 30:00

Driving home one day from his summer job on a lavender farm, student Luke Jacobs runs over a beautiful young woman.


Drama, Romance, 39:57 

Two young musicians play music together and discover love while trying to escape their dysfunctional lives in the rural south.


Friday, 2/17/17 @8:00pm


Comedy, TV Series

An unconventional television comedy about a group of extras navigating their way through the entertainment industry.

The Pioneers

Comedy, TV Series

The Pioneers is a comedy series about a couple who decide to spend the months leading to their wedding sleeping with as many people as they can, while abiding by a set of simple ground rules. 



Saturday, 2/18/17 @8:00pm


Drama, Science Fiction, Adventure, 19:35

One woman's search for the Book of Immortality will bring her face to face with the reality of death.

Durch die Nacht (Through the Night)

Drama, Romance, 1:31:39

'Durch die Nacht' tells the story of the student Alex. Due to a chain of unfortunate events Alex is forced to spend Saturday night in downtown Zurich. It is an odyssey through the streets of the city during which Alex meets a number of very strange characters.


Thursday, 2/23/16 @8:00pm


Drama, Thriller, 7:50

Two sisters struggle to support their ailing mother during a devastating drought after the monthly water rations are unexpectedly delayed.

Aaron Kearns' "The Counting Man"

Short, 8:54

A hermit obsessing over a numbers station is left to live within an absurd "Twilight Zone" based reality.

Kiss of Death

Drama, Film Noir, 10:07

A black-and-white neo-noir short film about a young thief and his wife who prepare to flee town by sunrise, until the arrival of a mysterious stranger changes everything.

La Panne (The Breakdown)

Film Noir, Fantasy, 15:06

A young author who can talk to his characters had to reveal to his hero his coming death.

Fin Du Vac

Short, 23:30

His name is Arthur, and he is a serial killer. He wants to quit. Will he succeed?


Friday, 2/24/17 @8:00pm

In Confidence

Drama, 10:05

The story of Molly -- a woman who makes a provocative choice -- and the consequences that choice has on the rest of her life.

Kelly's Ashes

Drama, 11:42

Amber and Nora travel to the mountains to scatter the ashes of their friend Kelly, along with Kelly’s insufferable twin sister Jillian. Believing the wrong twin died, they hatch a plan that’ll change all their lives forever.

The Great Accountant

Drama, 13:52

The marriage of two classically trained musicians descends swiftly through purgatory and into hell.


Drama, 15:00

Ernie Cranshaw is haunted by memories of his childhood.After a visiting a diner, he's intrigued by a week of classic movies. The real battle for his salvation is about to begin.

Up the Hill

Drama, 24:17

Up The Hill is the story of how Jack, a long drug addict, and Jill, an surprisngly optimistic call-girl, come together and help each other find a better life.


Saturday, 2/25/17 @2:30pm

The Next Chapter

Family, Drama, 7:43

After escaping their abusive patriarch in Taiwan, two brothers and their victimized mother journey to the United States to start their new lives.

The Last Conversation

Family, Drama, Biography, 15:00

A 53 year old closeted homosexual that finally comes to terms with his own sexuality in a heartbreaking performance of coming out to his mother. 

Like A Butterfly

Family, Drama, Mystery, 28:00

When you are young and you can't see the true meaning of this life, only a wise old man can show you the way.

2017 Award Winners:

The Pioneers

Ale Vini (Coming and Going)

The Next Chapter (Hao Hung Chia)

64 Over 8

Extra Cheese Please