The Weigh In

December 21, 2015 / Monday at 7:00pm



Set in a small contemporary Georgia high school, this Southern drama follows two wrestlers as they vie for a spot at Varsity state championships while dealing with issues of masculinity and friendship. Closeted and troubled Grayson is having an affair with his coach, Ray, who is haunted by the death of his high school lover, Tyler. Meanwhile, his best friend Lowrey, has a wrestling legacy to uphold and takes extreme and destructive measures in order to lose weight in time for the championships. Grayson’s sister Natalie and cheerleader Madison are caught in the chaos with the hope that they can prevent the two boys from destroying themselves and each other.


With: Celeste Iglesias, Grant McGowen, Alex Frazier, Tanner Gill, & Vanessa Aranegui




"Mr. Buttrill is on his way, and I think he has enormous potential." - Atlanta INtown

"He gives us a sordid world without ever painting a superficial, oversimplified,or exploitative picture..." Arts ATL

"...lush, visual language...  a radical dramatization of egalitarian love that throbs and pulsates." -New York Theatre Review