Meisner Acting Class Student Showcase

November 12-14 / Thursday-Saturday at 8:00pm

Teaching Artist: Grant McGowen

Directed by Hillary Heath, Brandon Mitchell, Sarah Hodges, Ellen McQueen, Michael Harrison, Tyner Rushing, and Vanessa Aranegui

With: Jason Powell, Christie Vozniak, Andy Fleming, Phil Mertz, Alex Frazier, Chloe Solomon, Morgan McGowen, Celeste Iglesias, John Fletcher, Cherie Restler, Nicole Kemper, Tyner Rushing, Kieran Pavlick, Nick Johnson, Marshall Shirley, and Samantha Baxley


"Teaching artist Grant McGowen and the hardest working man in the theatre business conducts courses into the finer points of acting, in this class he centers on the Meisner method... These actors are believable and do a good job of being vulnerable... For those of you that have a bucket list or are seeking a shift in careers, join in the fun and take a course from Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theatre." -The Backstage Beat


"Grant McGowen teaches an intensive three–level approach to the Sanford Meisner acting technique—known for producing incredibly raw and authentic acting turns. Here, actors learn to trust their own creative instincts and develop the skills for truthful, truly vulnerable acting on stage and screen... Pinch 'n' Ouch has been presenting edgy and poignant new scripts with impassioned, vulnerable performances since 2010... In addition, the theater offers training by its outstanding ensemble of actors." -Backstage Magazine


"Grant McGowen has gotten fine, sharp performances from all his actors, in every play... Pinch ‘N’ Ouch continues to grow as perhaps Atlanta’s finest “Off Broadway” company. We’ve mentioned in these pages that Mr. McGowen has a gift for attracting talent." -Atlanta InTown Paper


"Pinch 'N' Ouch Theatre (PNO) under the leadership of the accomplished Grant McGowen swept into Atlanta's in town theatre scene five years ago and rocked its world with the veracity and gutsiness of its acting and its edgy, new and often world class play discoveries... Many of the performers are making their PNO and first time ever acting debut and it is a testament to both the organic Meisner technique that PNO swears by together with McGowen's teaching prowess to see the level of these performances." -Aquarius Media Network


"Producing Artistic Director [and teacher] Grant McGowen’s steady Pinch n’ Ouch staging is bolstered by the strong performances of his actors. What’s initially impressive is how sharply defined their roles seem to be, but as some of the play’s ulterior motives develop, each of the actors provides a credible contrast and texture that keeps us guessing. In a number of heated exchanges, they also skillfully handle the demands of [the playwright's] dialogue... Admirable, too, is McGowen’s sense of timing." -Atlanta Journal Constitution


McGowen’s gutsy actors give naturalistic powerhouse performances... The name, “Pinch ‘N’ Ouch, honors legendary acting coach Sanford Meisner, who taught that acting had to be absolute truth — fully from the heart and soul... That, ultimately, could prove to be the strength of this theater group." -East Atlanta Patch