Let's Make It

February 14 - March 30, 2013 / Thursday-Saturday at 8:00pm; Select Sundays at 2:30pm

Written and directed by Grant McGowen


In LET'S MAKE IT, emerging star actress Anessa Hudson is caught in a dilemma  when her struggling filmmaker husband, Brandon, decides to write a screenplay for her that touches way too close to home. A raw portrayal of modern day relationships, LET'S MAKE IT sets forth a troubled road for two working artists on their journey to answer that great American question, how far must one go to "make it"—and at what cost?


Barrett Doyle & Heather Rule


Creative Team:

Grant McGowen (Director/Playwright), Liz Schad (Stage Manager), Kyle Ankiel (Scenic Designer), Jeffrey Martin (Lighting Designer), Julissa Sabino (Costume Designer), Will Dove (Video Editor), Breanna Thompson (Props Designer), Justin Anderson (Sound Designer)


"Barrett Doyle and Heather Rule bring total conviction, powerful talent, and excellent chemistry to the play.  Playwright/director Grant McGowen has a fine gift for believable, fluid dialogue. And he guides his actors with care and sensitivity...Pinch ‘N’ Ouch continues to grow as perhaps Atlanta’s finest 'Off Broadway' company." -Atlanta Intown Paper


“...gripping and engaging with tense dialogue and rich characters...Let's Make It packs a quick and turbulent journey into the lives of this couple as they try to make it in the film business and make their own marriage work." -Atlanta Theatre Fans


"...pretty engrossing stuff. McGowen knows how to keep the dramatic heat turned to a perfect slow simmer... [Let's Make It] is a great psychological pressure cooker... wonderfully strong work from a small but mighty company that gives Atlanta some of its best contemporary theater." -ArtsAtl


"This play will make you think about what you're willing to sacrifice to make your dreams come true... Provocative, sexy, and raw, Let's Make It is one heck of a wild ride." -The Backstage Beat


"It’s a love story, but an honest one... a powerful show, almost to the point of being uncomfortable at times, but after all the screaming, scheming and secret keeping and telling, it rounds out back to two people who love each other no matter their demise." -Busking Seams

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